About Me

I am an educator at my core and have taken this passion into the children's book and music field. My music is New Age Folk with violin, viola, cello, and vocals. I create a blend of old-world influences with positive, gender-inclusive messages for a new generation. I also create more ethereal songs for fertility and sound healing. My first book of the Gender Rainbow series, Can't Transitions To Can, was published in December 2021.

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With viola performance and teacher certification degrees from The University of Washington, I have worked with thousands of students in the US, India, and Sweden for 20 years, creating community and empowering people with music. While I was living in the Seattle area, my orchestra programs were recognized as among the top in Washington state. 


After 4+ years of fertility challenges, I went through a major healing journey. I went on to meet my now-husband on the swing dance floor while on a trip to Sweden. And, I now live in Herräng with my husband and our child who was born when I was 43. My husband Mattias and I enjoy sharing our love of swing dancing and singing silly songs with our child.

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