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Gender Rainbow 

A transgender ant feels frustrated because her body looks red, but she dreams of being indigo-colored instead. A cisgender turtle wants to try to jump so high she touches the sky.

When they meet, the ant is torn between revealing her true identity and staying safe, so she introduces herself as Can’t the red ant. The turtle is full of enthusiasm and encouragement, but the ant remains skeptical. Woven with lessons learned from the non-binary grasshopper, will the turtle ever get the ant to jump? Will the ant find the courage to reveal her true self?

This first book of the “Gender Rainbow” series includes two rhyming stories filled with lessons in friendship and an I CAN attitude.

Book Reviews

"I am in tears. This is truly amazing & fabulous. I don't know how parents are going to read this book aloud to their children without tears and a froggy throat every time. My children are 22 and 24 now, but I will buy this for them, and for my future grandchildren. If my child had been able to read this, they may have transitioned before the age of 20 and it would have been so much better. Sammy had no glimpse into this option. We were not aware. They needed this earlier and I would have had this book in our library if it had been an option.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful this story and the artwork are. This is a brilliant, world-changing book."

Jackie Burt, author of Orsch… Cutting the Edge in Education

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