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Click below to get free pronoun stickers and music that go with the first book of the "Gender Rainbow" series.

Gender Rainbow Shop


Shop for exclusive Gender Rainbow pronoun pin buttons

and other items.

Educational Materials

Coming Soon. . .

I plan to develop this page and my blog to be a resource for materials to make kids of all genders feel safe and included in schools and in family life.  


If you sign up to the mailing list, you will have a chance to receive a free download demo of the first song, Gender Rainbow. My plan is to partner with others on this for a diverse cast of voices on the album. I've just got a few other projects to do first. Stay tuned. . . 

Tip Jar

I am working to help to bring positive transgender and non-binary role models to life through my books and music. If you want to support me beyond just buying books and music, use the link below.

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