Pronoun Buttons
and Necklaces


Get the official Gender Rainbow pronoun buttons & necklaces (based on the book series by Leah Irby and Jessica Gamboa).

Wear the animal that most aligns with your gender or mix it up and simply match your pronouns.


The 7 genders of the Gender Rainbow book series:  

  • True Blue the turtle (cisgender female)

  • Can the ant (transgender female)

  • Glad the grasshopper (nonbinary)

  • Sparkle the snake (intersex female)

  • Blaze the butterfly (transgender male)

  • Dreamer the dragonfly (genderfluid)

  • Brawn the beetle (cisgender male)

Pronoun selection includes:

  • she/she, her, herself

  • he, him/he, him, himself

  • she, they/she, they, themself

  • he, they/he, they, themself

  • ze, she, he

  • they, them, themself/they, them, themselves

  • ze/ze, hir, hirself/ze, zir, zirself

  • xe, xem, xyr, xemself

(If you have another pronoun set you would like to see on an item, reach out through the contact page.)

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