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Violin Players
Violin Players

Violin, Viola & Cello Lessons


Are you looking to improve your skills or start lessons? I have helped hundreds of students to learn to play with correct technique so that they can reduce or eliminate pain when playing and enjoy the sound coming from their instrument. I especially love working with adults who are at a beginner or intermediate level, but I have plenty of experience teaching children of all ages in school orchestra and private lessons. I mainly give lessons in English, but I am conversational with Swedish and can work with children who are just starting to learn English to help them strengthen their music skills and language skills at the same time. I teach jazz, folk and classical styles of music.

Violin / Viola - Ages 7 to Adult, All levels
Cello lessons - Ages 7 to Adult,
Beginner and Intermediate

For online lessons, I prefer video exchange, but you can contact me to ask about live online lessons. If it's a video exchange, pick a time for me to listen to your recording (by clicking the book now button) and I will reply with the remaining time from the half hour.  You are selecting the time for me to listen - so make sure you can send me the file before this time. WeTransfer works well for sending large files. (Aim for a 10-15 minute video) Send to leah@ my website address dot com.

Price per half hour:
Online: $44 USD

Click here to get help with choosing an instrument or here to figure out where to buy one online.


Truly Passionate About Music

Leah Irby is both a gifted musician and an extraordinary teacher. As a beginner violist, she was my mentor in the basics of string musicianship, but also as a musician in general. Her guidance became invaluable as I developed my technique at the intermediate and advanced levels.

She is truly passionate about music, and she infectiously bestowed that passion upon me.

I am blessed to have had her as a friend and teacher from my beginner days in elementary school through my time at university and beyond. Whether you are just picking up the instrument, or you have been playing for years, I would recommend you wholeheartedly to Leah. She is devoted to her craft and would love to share it with you.

David Boe, Violist

High School: Regional Winner for small and large ensemble contest

Music Hall of Fame

All-Northwest Orchestra
(6 state region)

Daniel Sun, 4th chair viola, 2011

Washington All-State Orchestra

Heather McColl Morgan, Viola 2002
Daniel Sun, Viola 2008, 2009, 2010

Kitsap County, WA: Solo and Ensemble Contest

Heather McColl Morgan, 2001 - winner
Allison Mulkey, 2003 - winner
Daniel Sun, 2010 - 1st alternate, 2011 - winner

Olympic High School String Quartet, 2002
Daniel Sun & David Boe, 2010 winner
Annelise Hablutzel, Jessica Chung, Anissa Petit &
Barbara Mirano, 2012 1st alternate

Central Kitsap Combined High School Orchestra 2001, 2002,2003

Central Kitsap High School Chamber
Orchestra, 2010, 2011, 2012 winner

Central Kitsap Junior High Orchestra:
High rating of 1+ for the regional contest

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