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  Fertility and Parenting

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Connecting with Spirit Baby

for a Courageous Conception & Pregnancy

(especially for those who have struggled with

conception delay or loss.)

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Coaching & Sound Healing
with Leah:
Video or Audio Exchange

for connecting with your fertile self, relationship struggles, and parenting. Work with your voice to speak your truth and be present at this moment. Mantra singing, and intuitive reflections to help guide your journey. Use the contact form below to book online sessions. You tell me in audio or video recording what you need help with and some thoughts about what you are struggling with. I will listen and record a reply for you in the remaining time of 30 minutes. I follow my intuition to help guide some music for your healing or my thoughts that can help bring a new perspective to your situation.

1. Book a time at the link below (that is just the time slot for when I will reply to you.) 

2. Make a payment when I send you an invoice for payment with Paypal (Or if you are in Sweden -with bankgiro)

3. Record your message or email me about your situation. 

4. I will record in the time slot you chose and send your video or audio reply.

The price for a 30 min session -is $44 USD or

444 SEK in Sweden.


More Confidence In My Body

I did Leah’s fertility course in preparation for my first IVF. We had been trying for 3 years and had 7 miscarriages. I had already been doing all the things you are supposed to do in terms of diet, exercise, sleep, acupuncture, de-stressing with meditation, exercise, avoiding plastics and certain cleaning materials/ make up for years, so I didn’t really know how much more Leah could really help me.

Leah tailored the course to what she intuitively felt I needed – more confidence in myself, my body and my baby. Connecting with my spirit baby and believing this was going to work. With Leah’s help and guidance, I began to realize that I didn’t need to physically ‘fix’ everything that was wrong with me in order for this to work, but rather work on my attitude and beliefs.

And it worked! Not only am I now 11 weeks pregnant after (donor egg) IVF worked on the first try but I was able to choose to not worry about losing this baby even though I have lost 4 previous babies after seeing a heartbeat.

And not having that fear feels amazing in comparison to what I have been through in the past. All I needed to do was to carry on incorporating what Leah had taught me in the course. We really underestimate (or even ignore) the importance of the mental and spiritual aspect of fertility.


Age 48 (Her healthy baby was born in 2019.) 

Podcast Interviews

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