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I Got The Sense Knocked Into Me

In the past week, my child got wildly excited while we were playing music together and threw a drum randomly in the air. It just happen to also randomly hit me on the head.

I knew immediately that the hit to my head was more than a minor injury and that I needed to lie down and rest. And I also felt immediately that I needed to get off social media - specifically take a break from Instagram and Facebook where I was doing the most posting and interacting for my business. I’ve had many other insights around where we put our time and attention, but for now, I will just ask you to make sure you are aware of time with social media and other screen time and be curious about how it is affecting you. Which things make you feel more uplifted after and which things leave you feeling drained?

So, I'm taking it easy and I'm listening to the cues and trying to pause for a bit. I noticed as soon as I got off social media, I had a rush of creative energy. In fact, now I'm dealing with carpal tunnel problems from the handwriting I was trying to do and basic texting to keep in touch with people. Still less than normal, but too much for recovery.

I am tuning in to the creative practices and resting. Taking time to slow down. So, I wanted to let you know that I will not be available for online coaching sessions. But, I still have our online pregnancy and fertility support program, Courageous Pregnancy. If you want to be on the mailing list, be sure to sign up for our free mini-course to help with anxiety and depression related to trying to conceive and/or pregnancy after loss.

I am overwhelmed and blessed by all the comments and feedback I have gotten on my Youtube video where I share my story about getting pregnant over 40. I intend to share more on my blog with thoughts about spirit baby meetings and ways to connect our souls to our children. Stay tuned. . . .

My child told me at age 4 that they were in my tummy and died and then were in my tummy and born. (I had a pregnancy loss in 2008 with my previous husband and my child wasn’t born until 2016.)

As my head is feeling a bit better, I will be sharing more intuitive insights, but I wanted to at least check in with everyone and tell you I’m here. I’m just not able to do a lot online right now. But, the break will be worth it for all the breakthroughs that are coming.

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