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Meeting Your Spirit Baby

I created a guided meditation as a foundational start to our online course, Connecting with Spirit Baby for a courageous conception and birth. Roxanne created the spoken words of the guided meditation and I put music to it. This was one of the first parts of our online course that we created and it's a favorite meditation of all those I have talked to who have taken the course. I wanted to figure out a way for some of you that might not have the time or money to take the whole course could still benefit from this meditation. So, I just added it as a special bonus track- only available on my website, that you can purchase by itself or with the whole album, Grace, So Amazing.

But, today as I was listening to this music again and was immediately transported to another world in my mind, I wanted to share about the creation. The first time I heard Roxanne's spoken text I listened and I decided to just improvise on the piano. Notes were just coming to me, so I thought I should record them. The piano part of the track is that raw, first reaction to the text, recording. And then I layered the viola parts and the rest. I remember very clearly working on the viola parts and recording and just looking up and seeing a heart in the clouds outside. I felt the sun shining down on me and a very clear presence of Grace. I feel like this spirit baby, Grace was so much guiding my whole music album. Most of that was recorded a long time after this guided meditation, but she was there for all of that as well. The title track - Grace, So Amazing was partly inspired by my listening again to this meditation. I wanted to capture that emotion I felt previously, but more thoughts and music came through and so a new track was born.

The music was so much of a musical journal write for me. I hope that other people can also be blessed by this music and meditation. Check out this new offering on my music page.