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Supporting our LGBTQIA2S± Children

Let's talk about the gender spectrum. I have been a music educator for 20 years, working in 3 different countries and I was noticing that trans and non-binary characters are underrepresented in children's stories. One thing I know from being an orchestra teacher is how it is important for everyone to feel included and accepted. I remember teaching my students about different composers and when I pointed out that one of them was gay, I had a student write in a paper wanting to know more about that. I found out later he was gay but hadn't come out to his classmates at that point. But, me simply talking about someone famous aligning with his identity helped to affirm it.

It made me think about the gender roles that we play and how we teach that it's ok for women to wear pants, but it's not ok for men to wear skirts or dresses. I start to wonder - why do we say that one name is masculine and another name is feminine? Why couldn’t any name be for a girl or a boy, or any non-binary child? The more I get to know friends and celebrities that are transgender and non-binary, the more I felt it was time for more stories to help them feel welcome. I am working with a self-publishing company from Canada, Friesen Press to publish my first book that is a rhyming set of stories, with a variety of different genders represented. I also weave in positive messages and an I CAN attitude.

But, underlying my story is also a wish to continue to affirm those who are marginalized because they are transgender or non-binary or agender and they are struggling to find their place in the world. Fundamentally, we all want to be loved and accepted for who we are.

I am part of an online church group made up of people from Community of Christ and I was asked to write a prayer to the LGBT+ child, from the Holy Spirit. Here's a reminder that - God really, truly, deeply cares for all of us.

A letter from the Holy Spirit to the child who is:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, Intersex, Transgender, Non-Binary, 2 Spirit, Agender, Questioning+

By Leah Irby

My dear child,

I will always unconditionally love and accept you.

When you look in the mirror may you always see my love reflected in you.

I made you complete and whole as you are in your unique self.

You must not be led to the temptation of hiding who you are.

Trust in the truth that is your unique plan for who you are on this earth.

May you always hear my calm voice, gently guiding you.

May you be sheltered from any loud voices that shout insults or say you are not worthy.

I will always unconditionally love and accept you.

Please let go of these shouts and let them bounce off you

Because you are wearing my armor of truth and you carry my sword of love.

Let my light always shine within you

And when others see that light they will come to see my reflection in you.

You will be a model for others of how to love without judgment.

Your hugs to others let them feel my gentle touch and warm guidance upon them.

When you look in the mirror may you always see my love reflected in you.

You, my child, are always accepted and unconditionally loved.

Continue to lead others with that love.

Always and forever,

Holy Spirit

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